Author Topic: (Official) 2013 NYCTBA Employment Roster  (Read 1707 times)


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(Official) 2013 NYCTBA Employment Roster
« on: August 03, 2013, 06:00:16 PM »
These are the employees for the 2013 NYCTBA Program. If I am missing somebody or something is incorrect, please reply. Thanks.

Director of NYCTBA: Bebo
Associate Director of NYCTBA: Imanuel
NYCTBA Instructor: rstar
Dispatcher/Tower Operator/RCC: ARome
Dispatcher/Tower Operator: Threxx
Dispatcher/Tower Operator: TheExpress/XD60
Dispatcher/Tower Operator: Haven172
Dispatcher/Tower Operator: Mr. Plantano
Dispatcher/Tower Operator: BStyles
Dispatcher/Tower Operator: Lashrathius

Train Operator: ARAANCAR
Train Operator: BCPTF
Train Operator: Carmelo
Train Operator: Green Eggs n Pelham
Train Operator: LeffertsShuttle
Train Operator: luckydude
Train Operator: maddogg654
Train Operator: MalJordMit142
Train Operator: Mikey
Train Operator: Mkoyf
Train Operator: Minecrafterboi
Train Operator: Mr. RSB
Train Operator: Nacho Friend
Train Operator: RTS King
Train Operator: Subwaycity
Train Operator: trainfaninfinity

All members are required to be trained by the NYCTBA Instructor. A post concerning the dates when the Motorman Institute will be revealed shortly. It is required that you attend these classes as they will prepare you to operate the transit system. All classes will be held on the OpenBVE Connection Teamspeak Server (if you don't have it, download it - it is free and will not harm your computer). For those who already have been trained will be given a refresher and a test to see if you still have the knowledge. Look for the post for the date of the classes. Once again congratulations in joining our program.
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