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Good Day, my name is Eric
« on: March 04, 2015, 12:18:12 PM »
Hello my name is Eric. I go to school and have lived most of my life in the New York City area, but I am originally from London, England and have some positive memories of the trains over there. As a result, I'm a huge MTA and TfL fan, especially with regard to the trains (my main passion is trains). I've had experience driving in Trainz Simulator ('06 to present), World of Subways (2 & 3), Train Simulator (formerly Railworks), BVE (2,4,5, and OpenBVE), Cities in Motion, Bus & Cable Car Sim San Francisco, and Hmmsim. I have also worked a lot making routes and sessions in Trainz games, and can help with anyone's question on how everything works there. I took my hand at 3D modelling with gmax to some level of success, and am not that proficient in that field, but am open to learning more.
Cheers!  :D