Author Topic: Hello I'm New to this site but some of y'all may know me :)  (Read 1200 times)


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Hello I'm New to this site but some of y'all may know me :)
« on: November 29, 2014, 04:55:43 PM »
Hi my name is Tyree and i'm a Railfan from Philadelphia Some of y'all may know me as Market-Frankford Line in BVEStation. I don't know why but i been interested in Railroads since i was like 7 years old the first train i really noticed was SEPTA's Market-Frankford Line/The EL  in 1994 back when SEPTA were running the Budd M3's Railcars Alternatively called Almond Joys because the four hump-shaped ventilators on the roof evoked the Almond Joy candy bar. (Kinda why i love the Budd R-32 Railcars in the MTA Subway) they look similar and by the same company, I started getting on trains when i was little and crawling under the Turnstile close to the Cashier's Booth so i wouldn't be caught and would be riding from Girard Ave Station to Erie-Torresdale, Crossover then ride to 63rd St Station knowing not to go to Bridge-Pratt cause of the SEPTA Police Presents, & 69th Street Terminal because there is no Crossover to ride back once you exit there you have to pay to get back on... Or Sneak on under the Turnstile and risk getting caught and i did the same thing on the Broad Street Line Subway and i was only 7 Years Old doing all this all by myself. I am currently 27 Years Old i used to Live in Philadelphia for 25 Years then moved down here to Decatur, GA near Atlanta now i'm experiencing their Rail System down here and i thought we in Philly had something to complain about but i was wrong 1. They have no Variety of Trains down here 2. The Trains run every 10-30 mins down here 3. I Heard they don't like Photography and Filming on their System down here. I never been to New York but i want to visit and stay at a good Hotel one time maybe in 2015-2016. I love to play Video Games like MMO's (Star Trek Online, Digimon Masters Online, Final Fantasy XI & Everquest) and Simulator Games (Euro Truck Simulator 2, Train Simulator 2015, OpenBVE & City Car Driving) and i'm into Anime, I'm good at building Computers and when it comes to Electronics like Home Theaters Systems I'm good at hooking that up too. Feel free to ask me any questions also if y'all have some experience in Train Simulator 2015 let me know cause i wanna build routes in that Simulator  8)