V Line BETA Public Release 2.0 11/2016

OpenBVE: NYCT (V) Public BETA Release 2.0 to Co-Op City


To install this route correctly:

1. Download the zip file above. Every computer can download and install this file as it's a "zip" file.

2. Extract the package into where your OpenBVE Railway folder. That is all you need to do.

3. If you are having issues installing or running the line, please reply on the IND LaGuardia Support Page with screenshots and detailed information. Please make sure you give details so we can fix the problem. Note: We cannot lower the quality of the route so please don't ask.

Thanks for downloading the second version of the updated (V) Line for OpenBVE. Everything that you need for the line is included in the Download package, except for the train in which you can download separately on the OpenBVE Connection and/or BVEStation websites. NOTE, THIS DOWNLOAD IS ONLY TO BE ON THE OPENBVE CONNECTION WEBSITE!! THIS DOWNLOAD CANNOT BE REUPLOADED TO ANOTHER SITE (BVESTATION, ETC)!! This is a Closed Work in Progress route, meaning it's still being worked on and cannot be modified or reuploaded. Any modifications and/or reupload must first go through the developer at rgrant3746@gmail.com. Do not let me find this download on another site. Thank you very much. The LaGuardia Lines will eventually replace the current (T) (V) (P) and (Z) lines when completed.

The (V) Line contains the following route:

-(V) from Abingdon Square to Co-Op City, Bay Plaza (Dreiser Loop will be added upon final release

This is a High Quality route. While we expect most computers to operate the line smoothly, there will be some computers that may not be able to achieve the quality of the route as expected. The developer will not be creating a Low Quality version of this route. Once again, you can rate the route and comment about the route with any comments and/or suggestions, please visit the (V) Line support page for further evaluation. Enjoy the route and be safe.

Submitted: 11/15/16 11:51PM

Version: 2.0B

Last Updated: 11/15/16 11:51PM

File Size: 100 MB

Dependencies: None

Approved By: OpenBVE Connection Q & A Team

Train Consist(s) Used: (V): R153