NYCT (V) 5th Avenue Line

NYCTA (V) Line

5th Avenue Local
Submitter: TyteJean24

Date Uploaded: February 22, 2014

Date Modified: February 22, 2014

File Size: 49.8mb

Dependencies: None

Thanks for downloading the (V) Line for OpenBVE. This is the 5th Avenue Line, created by Ronelle Grant (TyteJean24). This route travels along Webster Avenue and 5th Avenue from Williamsbridge-Gun Hill Road, Bronx to Hanover Square, Manhattan via 5th Avenue Local. During Weekdays, there are 2 routes, the (V) and . The (V) operates from Fordham Plaza to Hanover, making all Local stops. The operates from Williamsbridge to Hanover Square, making Express stops in the Bronx and Local stops in Manhattan. During other times, the (V) is completely Local from Williamsbridge to Hanover Square.

This version (v 2.13) operates from Williamsbridge to 149 St-Grand Concourse. Because of construction, all (V) trains are operating to 149 St-Grand Concourse. For continued service, passengers can take the (4) or (5) lines to 125th Street and transfer to the (W) train. (W) trains make Local stops from 125th Street to Hanover Square in both directions.

For this version, the trainsets used are the R32, R38, R40 and R42 sets. The final version will feature the R46 trainset. This is a Developmental version, meaning Work in Progress (WIP) route with progress being made every version created. We expect the full version of this route completed by the Summer of 2014, just in time for our 6th year Anniversary event.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the route. I cannot put everyone here because it will take about 40-50 lines to do, but thanks everyone. All work is under the Creative Commons clause, meaning mention the developer of the project if and/or when you modify this set.

For this route, you do not need any dependencies other than the Train file. Everything should be in the download for this route. Please download the file and place the Railway folder in your OpenBVE directory (or wherever your OpenBVE Route/Object folders are at). If you have any questions and/or comments, please reply to the topic page on the OpenBVE Connection forums. Thanks and enjoy the route.

The map for the (V) Line will be provided as soon as it's made.