R153 BETA V2 2016

OpenBVE: R153 Railcar BETA Release Version 2.0 (2016 Edition)


To install this train correctly:

1. Download the zip file above. Every computer can download and install this file as it's a "zip" file.

2. Extract the package into where your OpenBVE Train folder. That is all you need to do.

3. If you are having issues installing or running the line, please reply on the OpenBVE R153 Support Page on the OpenBVE Connection forums. Please make sure you give details so we can fix the problem. Note: We cannot lower the quality of the route so please don't ask.

Before anyone asks, this is a BETA Version of the R153 for OpenBVE. That means the train is NOT completed. The final version will have all functioning features. Thank you. Thanks for downloading the second version of the R153 Trainset for OpenBVE. This trainset is 10-cars and operates exclusively on the (T) (V) and City Island Shuttle lines with the 8-car version operating on the (K) and (Z) lines. Everything that you need for the line is included in the Download package. If you don't know how to extract the files or copy/paste, please visit the world of Google for ways to do it. NOTE, THIS DOWNLOAD IS ONLY TO BE ON THE OPENBVE CONNECTION WEBSITE!! THIS DOWNLOAD CANNOT BE REUPLOADED TO ANOTHER SITE (BVESTATION, ETC)!! This is a Closed Work in Progress train, meaning it's still being worked on and cannot be modified or reuploaded. Any modifications and/or reupload must first go through the developer at rgrant3746@gmail.com. Do not let me find this download on another site. Thank you very much. This download will eventually replace all R153 railcars.

-The R153 is a heavy railcar built by Bombardier Rail Company between 2002-2005.

-The train is broken into the following: 8-car sets (5201-5660) used on the (K) and (Z) lines, 10-car sets (5661-6300) used on the (T) (V) and City Island Shuttle

-To operate the lights, press 0

-To operate the Side signage, press 9. The only signage available at this time will be the (V) to Co-Op City and Abingdon Square.

-To operate the front LED Signs, press 8. The only signage available at this time will be the (V) and (S).

-ONCE AGAIN, this is a BETA Route. All functions will be completed upon final release. Please do not ask when completed because the request will be blocked.

Submitted: 11/28/16 7:45PM

Version: BETA V2

Last Updated: 11/28/16 7:45PM

File Size: 46.3 MB

Dependencies: None

Approved By: OpenBVE Connection Q & A Team

Line(s) R153 Used: (K) (T) (V) City Island Shuttle (Z)