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Title: The R153, V Line and the new H Line has been released to the public
Post by: B103_7631 on June 18, 2017, 11:58:08 PM
Good evening everyone. The (V) and the R153 has been updated to the public as well as the new (H) Line for OpenBVE.

The (V) has been truncated to Pelham Bay due to construction. The (H) has been released from City Island to Co-Op City/Dreiser Loop.

Download Links for the Routes (You must delete the original IND LaGuardia Folder in order for the line to work. You must also download ALL links below in order to operate the line).

R153 Railcar;sa=view;down=103

IND LaGuardia Line Object Folder;sa=view;down=104

IND (H) Line Route Folder & Sounds;sa=view;down=102

IND (V) Line Route Folder;sa=view;down=101