OpenBVE Original R152 Railcar (A Division)
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Description: R152 for OpenBVE - Version 2.0
Train Programming - Blue18 (Lakiem Williams)
Train Sounds - Blue18 (Lakiem Williams), PuertoRican88 (Michael Garcia)
Exterior/Interior View - PuertoRican88 (Michael Garcia), Rikabs, D60HFMAN (Michael Bradshaw), Nyctrman (Randy Puello)
Train Cab - Emil Luk (Mr. Railfan), Max Diamond (MC Hammers)
Sign animations - CT1660 (Chris Torres), Nightmare403 (Takeem Carter)
Additional Contributors - rstar (Armondo Toribio), Manny (Imanuel Agard), RayVon (Rayvon Owens), JayWon160 (Jaywone Douglass), TyteJean24 (Ronelle Grant)
For more information visit

Single handle train -
use Z to add power/decrease brake;
use A to move to Neutral;
use Q to add brake/decrease power;
use 1 for Emergency Brake.

Extra controls -
use 0 to control Left Door LED Closing Light
use 9 to control Right Door LED Closing Light

1 = Switching, 2 = Coast, 3 = Parallel
1 = Minimum, 5 = Full Service, EMG = Emergency

Builder: Bombardier Transportation
Constructed 2001-2004, Overhauled 2011-2013
Unit Numbers: 4301 - 5000
Maximum Speed: 55mph
Length: 51ft
Motors: Bombardier MITRAC Traction Motors 1820B
Weight: 91,000lbs for cab cars, 86,670lbs for non-cab cars.
Line Used: (8) <8> (10) (12)

If there are any questions or comments about the train, please contact the author at!

Posted by: Blue18 December 28, 2013, 12:54:57 PM

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