Registration Agreement

OpenBVE Connection Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the OpenBVE Connection website. This website is designed to provide members with the experience of OpenBVE and OMSI Bus Simulator. There are rules and regulations that must be followed at all times. These rules apply to OpenBVE Connection network (OpenBVE Connection site, Facebook, twitter and Teamspeak). Failure to abide by these rules will result in disciplinary action (probation, suspension and/or ban from the network).

General Guidelines
1.   No illegal activities such as hacking, pirating and/or any violation of local, state and federal laws are allowed. Anybody caught doing this measure will be banned immediately.
2.   No malicious content (virus, Trojan horses, DDOSING programs) are allowed on the site. Anybody who attempts to send any user these programs will not only be banned from the site, but will be turned over to the state and/or federal authorities.
3.   All member’s information is protected by the Federal Government’s Privacy Act. Do not post anything that will reveal the privacy of another member unless you have permission from that member to do so.
4.   OpenBVE Connection is Open Source, meaning we operate on a free license. While this is the case, some downloads may be copyright protected. Before modifying anything, please contact the author of the download concerning whether the download is copyright protected or open sourced.
5.   No pornographic material, rude/offensive behavior and/or personal attacks (flaming, roasting, etc.) will be allowed on the site. Any violation to this rule will result in disciplinary action.
6.   Do not create a copy of the site and make a new site claiming it’s your own (indexing) and please do not download excessively. With the OpenBVE Connection v6, the IP address will be logged, in which will show how many times a person downloaded a file on the site.
8.   Do not ask for a higher authority. This means DO NOT ASK TO BE A MODERATOR, ADMINISTRATOR AND/OR VETERAN MEMBER. You will a) be told no and b) will face disciplinary action.

Forum/Teamspeak/Chat Rules
1.   No Spamming (meaning posting unrelated information, topics that contain illegal material, flooding in the Teamspeak and/or Chatbox).
2.   You may advertise/promote your website ONLY if it’s related to the following: Transportation, Gaming and/or Education.
3.   Gravedigging is not allowed. This means posting a topic that is more than 60 days old UNLESS it is the original author who posts the topic. If it’s more than 60 days old, create a new topic.
4.   Please post only in English. Since we are a US forums, English will be the only language on the site. If you need to, use Google Translator.
5.   Do not have multiple accounts, proxy accounts, and/or fake email accounts. Each member is required to have a working email address as we occasionally send out notices concerning outages and/or information for the site. We will also occasionally inspect your IP address to ensure you are not a hacker and/or malicious.
6.   You are allowed to change your username ONLY once. After the one time change, you will not be allowed to change to another username unless you have permission from the Administration.
7.   Signatures are limited to 800 x 150 pixels and cannot contain illegal material. Anybody caught with illegal material on the signature will have the signature removed and we will disable you from creating a signature.
8.   The maximum image size for the forums is 1024x768 pixels. If the size is larger, it will be resized automatically to 1024x768 pixels. We have an image gallery in which you can use for your pleasure. However, the same rules applies – no illegal and/or malicious photos allowed. Any violations will result in your gallery privileges revoked. You may also use Photobucket, Image Shack.

All members are to be alert as the rules and regulations are subject to change at any point. These changes will be announced on the forums, Teamspeak and via email. It’s solely up to the member to be alert to these changes.

The Administration has every right to place a member on probation, suspension and/or termination if he/she finds the member violating the rules and regulations at any time. If you feel the decision was not justified, you may speak to the founder of the site at

Member/Administration Responsibilities
Members: You are responsible to follow the rules and regulations as well as enjoy the many downloads and programs the OpenBVE universe provides. However, using OpenBVE Connection is a privilege, not a right. You are also required to respect each other as well as maintain a peaceful and safe environment.

Administration: We, the moderators, administrators, founders, veteran members, and board members are obligated to enforce, moderate and maintain a safe and friendly structure. We are obligated to hear any issues a member brings up, no matter how stupid the complaint is. We are to discipline any member who violates the rules and regulations of the universe. We are obligated to keeping OpenBVE Connection open and friendly for years to come.

User Disclaimer
If you are using anything related to OpenBVE Connection, you agree of the following:
1.   You will not hold OpenBVE Connection responsible from any issues that comes up from the services and/or content that is provided by its members.
2.   OpenBVE Connection is NOT liable for any damages (directly and/or indirectly) to your personal device when using our site.
3.   OpenBVE Connection is NOT liable for any damages caused by off-site links. Please use these links at your own risk.
4.   Do not place any download that is on OpenBVE Connection to another site (e.g. BVEStation, NYC Transit Forums, TTMG, etc.) without permission from the author first.
5.   Always follow the rules and regulations.
6.   OpenBVE Connection is NOT responsible for any legal actions placed against a member.